Three things to evaluate when selecting a custom straps and webbing vendor

If you are an OEM looking for a custom strap or webbing vendor — and if you need customized nylon or webbing assemblies for your products — here are 3 things to consider when choosing a manufacturing partner.

1.  Strength and Security

Custom polypropylene and nylon straps are both inexpensive and strong, making it ideal for use in medical, fashion and luggage, sporting goods, and even power tool manufacturers, among many others. While nylon is better suited for holding heavy loads during shipment, polypropylene is more appropriate for belts, bag straps and lighter items requiring more abrasion resistance.

2.  Application Support

Choose a manufacturer that can offer exactly what you need. Industrial sewing capabilities, projects, and webbing straps should be designed to your exact specifications and standards. Manufacturers must be able to replicate or make enhancements to your custom sewn item, assist with material selection for your application and, if necessary, deliver a prototype or reconstruct a prototype you built so they can enhance it and offer design

3.  Custom Supply Chain Programs

Your custom webbing and straps solutions manufacturer should be focused on one thing: helping you get products to market faster and on-time. Rather than doing business with a small “sewing” shop, choose instead a vendor that offers custom supply chain and managed inventory programs to get your product to market in time.

About MPS Hardware - Custom Straps and Webbing for OEMs

For years, leading companies have relied on MPS Hardware’s contract and custom polypropylene and nylon webbing/strap manufacturing.  With MPS, you get consistent and proven supply chain solutions — a dedication to cost reduction, and full attention to logistics and delivery requirements. We will work hard to understand exactly what your company needs.

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